Michal Z Kruszynski

+44 7545 596418
26 Foxwell Street
London, SE4 2DX, UK


A Database & Data Analyst with skill areas in:

  • SQL Server, Excel (not VBA), Oracle, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS, basic), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS, basic).
  • Data migration, QA & testing along Agile methodologies, data analysis, ETL, data cleansing, data validating, data manipulation, data management.
  • Basic PowerShell & Windows Command Line, UNIX terminal, FTP, SSH, regular expressions (regex), PeopleSoft, EmailVision Campaign Commander.
  • Also HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery (can use it, not code it) knowledge and experience from my own website and others.

Companies worked at in a data centric role:

  • Reed Business Information: Aug 2012 - Present, Contract
  • The Chartered Quality Institute | International Register of Chartered Auditors: Oct 2011 - July 2012, Contract
  • ORC International: Jun 2011 - Jul 2011 (1 month), Contract
  • The Engine Group: Jan 2010 - Sep 2010 (8 months), Permanent
  • Tube Lines: Oct 2009 - Jan 2010 (3 months), Contract
  • Unilever: Dec 2007 - Sep 2009 (18+ months), Contract
  • BT Global Services: 2004 - August 2006 (2 years), Contract


Reed Business Intelligence, Sutton, UK: Aug 2012 - Present, Contract

Data migration, test & QA Analyst for two industry publications (Estates Gazette & XpertHR UK) migrating to a new subscription management system (SQL Server 2008 db) along Agile methodologies. Both migrations went live with 99.8% of data transferred successfully and minimal disruption of the normal service for customers. This was because:

  • Strong adherence to Agile guidelines, namely; manageable chunks of development, testing and reconciliation work together with strong leadership to ensure the project path was not deviated from.
  • Dedication & great communication from all members of the team & stakeholders to get it right.

Content & Responsibility:

  • Analysing the data sets to provide instructions to the SSIS developer, the work consists of creating semi-automatics SQL scripts, views & stored procedures (T-SQL).
  • This is to simulate the flow of data from the actual SSIS package in order to test all data drops/deployments throughout the testing and deployment environments.
  • Creating a reconciliation file (SQL Server stored procedures to produce tables and views as a data source in Excel) to evidence the course of the data flow from the SSIS output logs.


  • SQL Server R2 2008, Excel, SSIS, regex, SharePoint, Team Foundation Server, Word etc.

The Chartered Quality Institute, City, London, UK: Oct 2011 - July 2012, Contract

Data Migration Analyst (SQL Server / Oracle) for a data migration (2.5 million plus rows of data) of a membership database system (Integra) to iMIS. Initially brought in to do some short term reconciliation work (six weeks) I was extended and took the lead on the scripting of almost all areas of the migration until the end of the project which went live at the end of June 2012.

Content & Responsibility:

  • Composition and responsibility of SQL, T-SQL and PL/SQL code in SQL Server and Oracle XE
  • Consulted with the business and project managers on how best to achieve the project goals from a data perspective
  • Prepared testing manuals and score cards for permanent staff for data testing


  • SQL Server 2005, 2008, SSRS 2008, Oracle XE, regular expressions (regex), Excel, HTML

ORC International, Islington, London, UK: Jun 2011 - Jul 2011 (1 month), Contract

A Technical Consultant for ORC International, a market and employee research company. A short contract setting up online surveys and producing online and offline reports for ORC clients. I offered advice on the fact that the main website was not formatting correctly in Firefox, Chrome and Safari and offered insight on how to capitalise on online data monitoring techniques.


  • SQL Server 2008, HTML, CSS, Access, Excel, Powershell.

The Engine Group, Fitzrovia, London, UK: Jan 2010 - Sep 2010 (8 months), Permanent

A Database Analyst for Fuel Data Strategies, a data analytics sub company of the Engine Group. Using SQL Server, SSIS, Command Line & Powershell, Access and Excel the main focus is on the processing of marketing data sets for Lexus.

Content & Responsibility:

  • Daily processing of requests from Lexus web sites and click through advertising.
  • Ad hoc reporting on specific campaigns and lead management
  • Migrating server processes on Windows Server 2003
  • Set up, tracking and reporting of email campaigns via Campaign Commander, including the selection of recipients (seeds, segments, suppressions, etc.) and validation of HTML and email assets.


  • SQL Server and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) are essential to the role as well as an understanding of VBA for Access to disseminate legacy MS Access processes.
  • Stored Procedures, batch / automated data input, cleansing, manipulation, and output via SQL Server, SSIS, BCP utility and Powershell.

Tube Lines, Docklands, London, UK: Oct 2009 - Jan 2010 (3 months), Contract

A Claims Analyst, within the legal department of Tube Lines working on a claim destined for arbitration. A short term contract, primarily specified with producing spreadsheets using VLOOKUP and Pivot Tables and charts as well as Access and SQL where required. From my experience of Unilever and large data cleanses I consulted with the senior solicitors on the project as to the best way to approach a data cleanse.

Unilever - Blackfriars, London, UK: Dec 2007 - Sep 2009 (18+ months), Contract

Initially hired to cleanse data for two weeks in December 2007, I developed a role as a Data Analyst within Global HR. My contract rolled for over 18 months until the beginning of September 2009.


  • The content of the data was regarding Unilever’s expatriate employee moves and changes, as well as crucial involvement in the calculation and validation of the global annual salary and bonus review.
  • Reporting to senior management, I was trusted and valued to work unsupervised as well as looked to for my professional judgement on technical matters. For instance, my opinion was sought on bespoke software from consultancies such as Ernst & Young Business Advisory Services, Deloitte and KPMG.
  • Through my exposure to PeopleSoft and the Oracle database I gained a lot of knowledge of Unilever’s PeopleSoft database design. Furthermore, because of the length of time I spent in global mobility, I also absorbed a fair amount of knowledge of Unilever's expatriate remuneration policies.


  • I queried Oracle (the database that powers PeopleSoft), which contains over 200,000 employee records and millions of records in total stored in a complicated temporal format. I exported salient records into Access 2003 then via SQL produced reports for Unilever Global Human Resources.
  • I exported results from Oracle into Access. From there I treated the data some more with SQL. Results were exported into Excel to present my results in a meaningful way or to exchange the base data for other’s action or information.
  • I also created Access databases using a combination of SQL mainly and VBA. The Access databases I created saved Unilever time and money as well provided a base to validate data against.

BT Global Services - Blackpool, Lancashire, UK: Aug 2004 - Sep 2006 (2 years) (Contract)

I was a Data Analyst and Team Leader for BT Global Services on their contract with the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) to supply telephony, data and server services. I analysed claims from various network & telephony suppliers for ‘out of scope’ incidents. I submitted claims to the DWP for these incidents after re-pricing and reformatting. I was the team leader of a group of seven. I was largely unsupervised in my work as I am diligent in my work and people pick up on this and trust to me to get the job done.

The analysis/validation work involved using Excel. The VLOOUP, MATCH, CHOOSE functions did the job together with Pivot Tables. As some claims were too big for Excel, I used Access and BT's own validation and analysis tools to sift through bills of five million calls plus.

My work was built around a monthly and quarterly cycle of receiving claims from suppliers and billing the DWP, so there were always strict deadlines that had to be met. As the contractual framework between the DWP, BT and its partners had just been totally reformulated under a new contract, the actual details of how claims and charges were presented to the DWP was largely left up to my own initiative. My solutions of how to validate and analyse a claim, then reformat it had to be agreed with my manager, which was usually a mere formality as he trusted me to find the best way of doing things.

Aside from this, relationships with the DWP and BT’s suppliers had to be managed as issues would often arise, as they often do when money is concerned. So, plenty of time was spent facilitating relationships and working through problems with the DWP and suppliers.

The Past: Jul 2000 - Aug 2004

I was fortunate enough to spend time after university travelling, experiencing the world and working in different roles. I have been a Gardener in New York and a DJ Expo Sales Assistant for Guitar Center in Atlantic City NJ. I have taught English in Tokyo. I have been a Furniture Restorer and a Photographer for a Music Magazine in Sydney NSW. In the UK, I previously worked in London as an International Events Manager for the Society of Petroleum Engineers in Piccadilly and then an Off Licence Manager for Unwins Vintners. I was a Croupier in a Stanley Casino and did work experience as a TV Journalist and Cameraman (I was accepted into a postgrad in Journalism at John Moores University, but decided against it) in Liverpool. I was a Gardener in Manchester and I cared for people with Autism in Barnsley. In my home town, Lytham St Annes, I have been a Bar Manager and DJ at The Queens Hotel.


MSc Computing - University of Bradford, United Kingdom: Sep 2006 - Oct 2007


The complete grounding in the fundamentals of Computing. Makes the engagement, apprehension and understanding of all computer programming languages, software and human processes possible.

Final Project / Commercial Placement:

A web based in-out board was planned, researched and implemented in Ebase for Bradford Social Services. Named MyStatus, users could check in and check out as appropriate during their working day to mirror a traditional white board in-out board. This involves the creation of a MySQL database, a database design, complex SQL queries to access the correct information and the programming of a GUI for the user. Tech: eBase, MySQL

Database Systems:

Relational database systems relational data model; structural, manipulative and integrity parts. Relational theory and SQL in relation to a RDBMS. Logical database design data analysis; entity relationship (ER) modeling. Data design normalisation. Physical database design selection of physical structures and access mechanisms denormalisation. Administration and concurrency control; locking protocols security, privacy, integrity and recovery. Object relational and object models. Distributed and multi-database systems. Tech: SQL, PostgreSQL

Web Technologies:

Internet Layers, TCP/IP, HTTP, HTML, XML, CSS, PhP, JSP, Client/Server Models, LAMP, Apache Tomcat.

Computer Architecture & Systems:

Boolean algebra, Sequential logic.

Formal Foundations:

Subjects included Set Theory and relations, Propositional logic and first order logic, Functions, Regular expressions, Finite automata, Kleenes theorem & Turing machines.

Human Issues in Computing:

The history, development and current scope of Human Computer Interaction. The concept of usability General principles of HCI as an aid to improved usability. The economics of system development and operation.

MA Psychology (Sen Hons) - University of Aberdeen, Scotland: Sep 1996 - Jun 2000


Cognitive approaches to disseminate the human condition through paradigms, empirical study and quantitative statistical methods.


Research Methodology, Statistics (T-Tests, ANOVA, Chi-square distribution, Standard Deviation, Linear Regression), cognitive psychology, Neuropsychology, Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, Organisational Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Abnormal & Health Psychology and Sports Psychology. My dissertation investigated the methods individuals use to cope with a threat targeted at a group they belong to and identify themselves with. Tech: SPSS

Other courses:

Cosmology, Astronomy, IT, Mathematics, English, French, Spanish and Philosophy.

Blackpool Sixth Form College & Lytham St. Annes High School: Mar 1992 - May 1995

A Levels:

Law (B), Government & Politics (B) & General Studies (A).


Mathematics (A), Science (Dual Award; AA), English (Literature; A & Language; B), French (B), History(B), Art (D) and Graphics (E).


Available on Request...